Year: 2021, 2022

Type: Super8 films

Length: 3 minutes

Language: Dutch

Subtitles: English


Imitator (2021)

Imitator in blue - Thomas Maas

Imitator in orange - Matteo Branchetti

Window washer - Mirjam Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Woman in supermarket - Ruth Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Man with dog - Klaas Westerhof

Man with beautiful hand - Tjalle Galama

Written and Directed by Sam van Zoest, Thomas Maas, Annick Sickinghe and Lente Oosterhuis

Cinematography by Sam van Zoest

Music by Annick Sickinghe

Sound Recording by Lente Oosterhuis

Imitator (2022)

A film by Sam van Zoest, Annick Sickinghe, Lente Oosterhuis, Thomas Maas, Kathlyn Wuyts, Eva Aarts, Janita Vermeulen, Krijn Fletterman, Tjalle Galama, Ruben Dahmen, Jorryt de Jong, Sean Hauser, Tim Kaasjager, Mendel op den Orth, Emma van Veenen and Wouter Maas.


Imitator and Imitator II were made as part of Straight8. During this film competition, you shoot on a single Super8 cartridge, all editing is done in camera, and a soundtrack has to be added without seeing the footage first.

Imitator (2021)

A man who lives his life by imitating others, is shocked when he meets a striking companion.

Imitator II (2022)

A man starts to question the originality of his choices in a house were everyone imitates one another.