Year: 2020

Type: fiction

Length: 14 minutes

Language: Dutch, English, Swiss German

Subtitles: English, Dutch


The Woman - Lottie de Bruijn

The Photographer - Aaron Wan

The Girl - Judith Schrijver

Receptionist - Juliana Kaye

McDonald's Employee - Kathlyn Wuyts

Written & Directed by Sam van Zoest

Director of Photography & Grader - Serhan Meewisse

Composer - René Hinborch

Editor - Rowdy Wiegmans

Sound Designer - Poul Sven de Haan

Co-Producer - Anastasia Govtva

Sound Recordist - Bram van Kaauwen

Title Designer - Frank Hartman

1st Assistant Director - Sven Peetoom

Focus Puller - Jasper ter Mors

Production-Assistant - Annick Sickinghe

Still Photography - Nina Miège and Katinka Schlette

Poster Design - Aurora Catera

The Woman Who Feared to Vanish

Afraid that she will vanish if she isn’t seen by others, a woman hires a stalker to photograph her daily life.

The Woman Who Feared to Vanish is an experimental film about what happens when our cries for attentions aren't answered. The film is shot almost entirely on cameras that exist inside the narrative: CCTV cameras, dashboard cams, a McDrive camera, iPhones, a car rear view camera, and more.

This film is currently not available. I plan to show it through video on demand later in 2022.


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