Upcoming screenings

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Upcoming screenings
Film Date Event Location
Proxy May 4, 2019 End of Days Apocalyptic Film Festival Orlando, FL, USA
Past screenings
Film Date Event Location
Proxy March 9, 2019 International Film Festival Assen Assen, Netherlands
Proxy March 8 & March 10, 2019 Nevermore Film Festival Durham, NC, USA
Proxy February 26, 2019 Little Terrors Festival Toronto, Canada
Proxy February 19, 2019 at 8PM GMT+1 Live broadcast on OOG TV TV / Online
Proxy December 8, 2018 Black Sunday Film Festival London, United Kingdom
Proxy November 7, 2018 Noordelijk Film Festival Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Close Your Eyes, Paro October 21, 2017 Care Film Festival Monza, italy
Close Your Eyes, Paro September 24, 2017 Great Message International Film Festival Pune, India
Broken August 26, 2017 Global Impact Film Festival Washington D.C., USA
Broken March 8, 2017 Respect Human Rights Film Festival Belfast, United Kingdom
Broken February 14, 2017 Love Hurts Film Festival Glasgow, United Kingdom