After finding out that she is a clone, a woman’s life spirals out of control as she competes with her original self for the life she thought was hers.
A couple gossips about strangers they see in the park. Another couple notices and turns the tables.
After a car crash, a father's heroic actions have grave consequences for his 3-year-old daughter.
Akara returns to Thailand after a life in England with his grandmother. Gravely ill, she has asked Akara to bring her the original recipe for Plakok, a traditional dish she loved as a child. Desperate to lift his beloved grandmother's spirits, he immediately sets out on a journey to their...
A young man confesses to his girlfriend that he has been sexually abused by a girl. Broken is not so much about sexual abuse itself and therefore we are not showing it in the film. Instead we wanted to focus on the relationship between two lovers after one of them...
Finn and Zoey are addicted to their smartphones. When their phones lose connection, both are confronted with their rusty social skills.
An ambitious porn director struggles to shoot his first movie.