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13 minutes, United Kingdom, 2018

After finding out that she is a clone, a woman’s life spirals out of control as she competes with her original self for the life she thought was hers.

When she returns home from a run, Selene meets a person who looks exactly like her. After interrogating her boyfriend Max, she learns that she is the clone of the intruder. Max explains that while Selene was in a deep coma, he was offered a choice by the doctors in order to save her life: a process in which Selene’s body was cloned and populated with her original memories and personality.

The experimental procedure was carried out as planned, save for one issue: the original Selene woke up from her coma rather than dying off. Both Selene’s must now come to terms that they are indeed not unique; now aware that they can easily be replaced – leading them to feel betrayed by Max.

Tension rises as the three attempt to make sense of the situation they find themselves in, ultimately resulting in drastic actions being taken.

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  • Cast
    Imogen Reiter/ Amir Tabrizi/ /
  • Written & Directed by
    Sam Van Zoest/
  • Produced by
    Reece Smith/ Jack Allen/
  • Director of Photography
    Kevin Grossett/
  • Composer
    Johnny Moutzouris, Motif/
  • Sound Design by
    Alberto Sueri, Motif/ /
  • Stunt Coordinator
    Jamie Biddulph/
  • Costume Designer
    Jessica Bowman/
  • Make Up Artist
    Alison Elizabeth Erskine/